moleskine lex

OLESKINE, the venerable Italian Notebook and Sketchbook maker asked me to create artwork for a very special, limited edition book.

Commemorating their MOLESKINE's vision for their 2013 SALONS SERIES ( #MSALONS ), this GOLD FOIL & EMBOSSED BOOK is something I've always dreamed of designing. It was a pleasure to collaborate with such a hallowed and timeless brand. The custom GEOCALLIGRAPHIC artwork references "Illuminated Manuscripts" as well as "Art Deco" motifs. Keep an eye out for much more coming soon ! TRUST ME - #WEOUTHERE #DOINGTHANGS !!! ^_~ !!!



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lumni on the rise... As part of my ALMA MATER's ( PRATT ) 125th ANNIVERSARY, they selected their top 40 recent ALUMNI and named me as one of their "Rising Stars."

I'm amongst some amazing and inspiring company in the pages of this latest PRATTFOLIO. Some fellow PRATT LUMINARIES include my friend SWOON and the infamous JEREMY SCOTT.

I was doubly honored when PRATT asked me to DESIGN THE COVER of this commemorative edition of the PRATTFOLIO. I'm just so thankful and proud to be a part of such a great institution and to be a part of its rich legacy and heritage.

Below is the artwork entitled SPHERIC OBRA which was chosen as the cover for this special 125th Anniversary edition of the PRATTFOLIO. My thanks to Charlotte and the entire Prattfolio team who made this all possible.

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kenzo paris

ENZO PARIS as seen through a Jungle Prism. I had the honor of working with Kenzo Digital and an amazing team of creatives to craft a Paris Fashion Week runway show as never before seen.

Celebrating famed fashion house KENZO's vision for their 2013 S/S Womenswear Collection, we worked closely with the designers at the helm of brand ( Carol Lim & Humberto Leon ) to create an experience that would immerse the audience in the lush & wild textures and colors of the KENZO line. My sincere thanks to Scott, Toby, Kenzo and the entire team who worked tirelessly to make this happen. Welcome to the JUNGLE!


It was a dream and an honor to design works which spoke directly to the heritage of KENZO TAKADA'S Iconic brand, as well as to the vibrance of the current collection.

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audemars piguet

Design, photography, sound and film come together for a stellar Royal Oak 40th Anniversary worldwide exhibition. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Audemars Piguet's iconic timepiece Royal Oak, the world's first ever luxury sports timepiece which sparked a complete paradigm shift in the watch industry, the Swiss Manufacture from Le Brassus in the Vallée de Joux has put together a unique, ephemeral exhibition.

I had the pleasure of being invited to design some printed pieces for AUDEMARS PIGUET'S Royal Oak 40th Anniversary Exhibition. Anyone with but a cursory interest in horological excellence understands the significance of the AP house. They are the last remaining family owned and run brand of all the world's luxury watchmakers. It was a pleasure to work with the AUDEMARS Team as well as the talented artists who participated in this event and create works that speak to the heritage and craft of watchmaking.

My sincere thanks to everyone who made this project possible, to the Audemars Piguet family for having me involved in this amazing exhibition and of course, to one Amigo in particular for making this all happen! Saludos!

Check the images below for a sampling of some of the work and watch the video for an overview of the exhibition!

◥ Above : A commissioned Portrait of famed Watchmaker and ROYAL OAK Designer Gerald Genta 1931-2011.
◥ Below : Further collected works and images from the Audemars Piguet's 40th Anniversary of the ROYAL OAK
◥ Link : Click here for a bit more info on this amazing exhibition: SELECTISM.


Like peering into the center of an atom, these exploded views of an Audemars Piguet Complication show just how much skill and craftwork go into every piece they make..

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becks wild

ECK'S goes beyond labels and let's the art do the talking. BECK'S invited me to collaborate on a new kind of ARTISTRY program. I had the pleasure of working with some amazing folks from across the world and have had the opportunity to bring some of my artwork to the STREETS OF NEW YORK. I never imagined my artwork would tower over the borough of BROOKLYN as a 4-STORY tall mural emblazoned across a building.

Whether in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, The Lower East Side, or the streets of SOHO, keep your eyes to the walls and see if you can spot the visual remnants of this collaboration.


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lex & becks

An offering for the masses...
Eat, Drink and let Your Cup Runneth Over.

Expect to hear about this one... Seems like word has already leaked out about this collaborative Artist Series collection by Beck's and I'm honored to be on the team. With the likes of M.I.A, Geoff McFetridge, Freegums, Bert Rodriguez and Willy Chyr on board you know there will be a ton of talent on tap for this launch!

These bottles are in stores now!!! It's crazy to think that 24 MILLION BOTTLES will be floating around the United States this summer! Be sure to grab one if you see 'em ;)
For More Info On the BECKS 2012 ARTIST SERIES Check The Links : Hypebeast | HighSnobiety

I had the extreme honour and pleasure of working with the talented team at PROTEIN. Many thanks to Will, Jess and the rest of the team for making this memorable moment happen. My Thanks to Austin, Kalim and the rest of the crew as well!

Click here for more on the benefits of PROTEIN : PROTEIN OS

...And here's a bonus offerring for the faithful... Keep watch for much more soon!

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in thy light

spectre of what is to come. A premonition for the dawning of a new age. Let this offering stand as visual record of something much greater than the reality from which it's born. "The pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Parmenides taught that the only things that are real are things which never change... and the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Heraclitus taught that everything changes. If you superimpose their two views, you get this result: Nothing is real."

If nothing is real, then I am but a story being spoken into existence... these images the illumination to those words.

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bklyn t npr

Better late than never ever... Here's a snap of a Artist Series Tee I created for NPR. I was fortunate enough to provide this BKLYN CALLIGRAPHIC design for the NPR show, STATE OF THE REUNION.

All proceeds from this Tee go to Charity. Specifically, the Urban Word NYC charity. Urban Word NYC's award-winning programs utilize the written and spoken word to develop critical thinking skills and leadership in youth from across NYC.

There's only a few left. Get Yours Here! And help a worthy Charity ^_^ : ROPEADOPE STORE

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dell work create

Better late than never... Here's a quick look at DELL's Create/Work/Inspire pop-up workshop. I had the extreme honour and pleasure of working with lovely and talented team at We Came In Peace.
Here's a quick peak at just some of the signage and animations that were created for this week-long pop-up. All photos courtesy of WCIP.

Here's another look : DELL

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"For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice."

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earnest endeavours

Earnest : serious in intention, purpose, or effort.
Endeavour : to exert oneself to do or effect something; strive.
This is the birth of Something New : This is EARNEST ENDEAVOURS™

This has been over a year in the making... Beginning as an idea formulated by UK based friends, Terence Teh, Tom McCarthy, Alex Stevenson, Earnest Endeavours was just as its namesake suggests, an honest effort to create something new in a flailing and changing music industry.

I was honored when I was approached to partner in this endeavour and become the Visual Voice for the entire label. What has transpired over the course of the last yearis a solidifying of our collective interests and tastes. As true music aficionados with a penchant for the packaging and paraphernalia that for so long helped to define the music industry what we've endeavoured to do is to bring back the aspect of the "Artifact" to the music industry.

With our first release we proudly present BBRAVO. With a flair for the vocoder and a genuine "Cali-Vibe" it's hard not to want to drop-the-top on the whip and cruise into the sunset... Steady Mobbin'. Scroll down for a primer of what EARNEST ENDEAVOURS is all about !

◥ For more information on the label please visit :
◥ Visit our SOUNDCLOUD to preview the BBRAVO EP : EE SOUNDCLOUD
◥ Please Support and Purchase the digital release on ITUNES : BBRAVO EP on ITUNES

The VINYL you see above is now available for purchase in Finer Record Shops and Boutiques around the world.

Keep watch as we're prepping for a massive 2012. Stay tuned for much much more.

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gestalten precursor

Curated by one of the Best Design Publishers in the world : DIE GESTALTEN
I'm honored to have my work featured in the hallowed pages of the new CREATIVITY WATCHLIST : Precursor Book
There's amazingly inspiring works in these pages. Take a look to see what's next in the world of DESIGN...

German Publishing house DIE GESTALTEN has made a name for itself by producing some of the world's best design books. Their craft and passion for the documentation of design has been a source of inspiration to me over the years. I'm truly honored to be included in the pages of this latest compendium of Design.

I'm joined by some amazing talents in this book such as Job Wouters, Alex Trochut, Dan Stafford and many many more.
If you're a collector of DESIGN BOOKS then this publication is truly a MUST!

Follow this link to Get Your Copy on : PRECURSOR BOOK

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slanted book

I'm in a new book y'all...
German Publisher DAAB creates a trilogy of Modern Design and Avant Garde Aesthetics
Judged and Juried by German Design Authority SLANTED.

DAAB books have been quietly crafting an amazing catalog of books on DESIGN, ART, FASHION, ARCHITECTURE and PHOTOGRAPHY. This latest trilogy of books is curated by the German Design Authority, SLANTED.

There's some great stuff in this series and if ever you need visual inspiration just take a look.
Follow this link to Get Your Copy on : DAAB BOOKS

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